Optica Pink Vision

We’re not just another Optician! Discover what makes us unique

1 Experience and expertise: under the leadership of renowned Jérôme Levrat, with over 28 years of
experience as an eye exam specialist, we guarantee quality services and exceptional care for your
eyes. You will be in skilled and reliable hands!

2 Multilingual Care: At Pink Vision Optics we speak four different languages – Portuguese, English,
German and French. This way you will be comfortably assisted in your preferred language, ensuring
clear communication and understanding of your needs.

3️ Welcoming atmosphere: our beautifully designed and modern shop provides a boutique
atmosphere. At Optica Pink Vision you will be welcomed with open arms, in a calm and pleasant

4 Personal Service: we believe that each client is unique. That’s why we take the time to advise you
and understand your specific needs. Our experts will help you find the perfect glasses that suit your
style and provide the best visual comfort.

At Pink Vision, visual health is a priority for all ages! We not only carry out eye examinations for
adults, but also for children. With our specialised examinations we guarantee precise
recommendations for the visual health of the little ones.

Jérôme Levrat, our CEO, who brings with him an impressive skill set. With a specialization in eye
examination and a solid experience of over 28 years in the industry, Jérôme is a reference in the field.
Originally from Switzerland, he is a polyglot who mastered four languages: English, French,
Portuguese and German. In addition to his proficiency in these languages, he is a very talented

By visiting our optics, you will have the opportunity to meet him in person and even enjoy his musical
skills live . His passion for music merges with his professionalism in the field of ophthalmology,
creating a unique and engaging experience for you!

Our mission is to provide high quality optical services and excellent products to the residents of
Carvoeiro and surrounding areas. Our commitment is to ensure that each customer receives
personalised eye care, through a professional and caring approach.

Our aim is to become recognised for the excellence of our services and products. We want to be your
preferred choice when it comes to choosing personalised optical care and expert advice.
Specialised in eye care with examination service, quality glasses and contact lenses at your disposal,
we are your optician of choice in the Algarve.

We have a wide range of services to meet all your needs. Meet some of our main services:
– Eye Examinations
– Graduated Glasses
– Sunglasses
– Contact Lenses
Do you need any of these services? Contact us or visit us at: Rua do Barranco, Nº64, 8400-508 Carvoeiro

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Optica Pink Vision

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