Birgit-The Root Brands

My name is Birgit Lottering, born many moons ago in Germany and passionate about nature, cultures
and animals.
My background includes travelling around the globe while guiding tourist on many awesome adventures
especially on Safari’s in Southern Africa.
During my travels I learned about diseases of all kinds and how the Sangoma (traditional healers) have
been treating them. This intrigued me and I started to look deeper into the Root causes of diseases.
On this journey I met the most amazing researchers, doctors, holistic healers and people from all
walks of life. Together we built a team that is inspiring people around the world to help others and their pets.

The Root Brands

ROOT was conceived via an intentional desire to recreate the path to wellness and greatness.

in addition, to provide each individual with the knowledge and solution to tackle today’s biggest health challenges: a toxic environment, stress, life pressures, and unhappiness, amongst others.

Thus, we combined the most brilliant minds with a philanthropic purpose to create a unique journey towards health and happiness for everyone worldwide.

Our inspiration and core values come from recognizing the different needs of humanity apparent in our world today.

We came together to bring the best-in-class, superior products based on an EASI philosophy:

Education, Authenticity, Simplicity, and Integrity. We lead with basic human principles of integrity, honesty, heartfelt service, trust, and truth.

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The Root Brands