About us

Lovitall is created by Diana and Margaret, originally Dutch, both living in Portugal is an innovative concept aimed at blending health, happiness, and enjoyment within the context of life in Portugal. With combining these elements we create a holistic approach to well-being that integrates physical health, mental well-being, and the joy of living. We are aiming to develop.

Integrated Health Events

Starting off with a unique full family experience, combining Wine, Yoga, Play, Music and a market full of health experts.

Health and Wellness Programs

A range of different health programs that literally will blow your mind. Since we are living in Portugal and experience the pure benefits of this beautiful country, just mentioning the intensity of the light for instance, we ourselves experience these healing effects on a daily base.

Cultural Integration

We believe in the cultural richness of Portugal to enhance the overall experience.
We integrate local traditions, cuisine and activities to provide a unique and authentic feel.

Outdoor and Recreational Activities

We take advantage of Portugal’s beautiful landscapes and climate to incorporate outdoor activities.


We include recreational and fun activities to balance the wellness aspect.