Get ready for a healthy stroll like no other on February 23rd – “Walk & Talk with Headsets”!

Ever wondered why a healthy walk is so beneficial? Studies show that walking not only boosts your physical health but also enhances information absorption.

Join Dr. Gynn, a renowned gynecologist and hormone specialist, as she leads us through a captivating segment of the 7 Hanging Valley Trail. Brace yourself for an insightful talk on hormones – she’ll either get you ready for the menopause journey or guide you through it with a smile 😉

Picture this: a brisk, yet inspiring one-hour walk along the scenic 7 hanging trails in Carvoeiro. It’s a unique opportunity to exercise both your body and mind.

Hurry! We’ve got space for 25 enthusiastic individuals. Lace-up those walking shoes, grab your headsets, and let’s embark on a journey of wellness together!

Dr. Gynn

Practical details of the healthy walk

Date: 23 February
Start: 9.30am
Location: start and finish: parking Rocha Brava
Price: €15 p.p. (excl. drink afterwards), pay cash on arrival

Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to have a cup of coffee for those who wish.

Seven Hanging Valley Trail

Stunning views. Stunning coves. Stunning geology. Stunning sunsets. The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail is not to be missed – and yes, it is easy to get excited about this gorgeous trail that guides you through some of the most striking natural gems in the Algarve.

The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail is a scenic coastal trail in Algarve in Portugal.

Clinging to the coast the whole time, this spectacular walk stretches between Praia da Marinha beach and Praia de Vale Centianes beach.

As you amble across ocher-colored cliffs jutting out of cerulean-colored waters, you’ll be convinced that Southern Portugal is one of the most stunning coastal regions in the world.

Why is it called the the Seven Hanging Valleys?

Good to know: The ‘hanging valleys’ were created by the erosive action of seven seasonal streams. These valleys are now ‘hanging’ because the soft, calcareous coastline has receded quite abruptly in the past, leaving the watercourses’ mouth not on the beaches but rather on the cliffs higher above.

Come and join the Walk & Talk with Ginny.

This is part of the Lovitall-event 17 March. A large Health Event at Quinta dos Vales. Be there!