Massage praktijk van der Poel Therapy

Ineke is a well experienced massage therapist always searching for other ways to get people pain free.
Last year she discovered a very unique method that everybody can learn young and old. They are called the fascial maneuvers from the Human Garage. These are movements that you can do standing up, sitting down or even lying down.

Let me ask you the following questions:
Do you sit all day for work?
Do you experience stiffness in your body?
Or do you have pain that keeps returning?
Do you feel like this is just a part of getting older? Or do you think you have some control over it?

Let me show you some simple movements that allow your fascia to flex and glide freely reducing or even eliminating your pain and discomfort.
It will not only release stress from your body but it also calms your mind.

Don’t you know what fascia is…don’t worry I will tell you more at the live session!
It will change your life for the better!
Book your entrance ticket now and I see you there!

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Massage praktijk van der Poel Therapy