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Hello lovely souls of Algarve!                                                                                                         I’m Astrid, a native Dutch

Residing in the beautiful Algarve for 13 blissful years.

I’m a Holistic Energetic Coach for Health and the proud owner of Health Therapies Algarve.

My passion lies in empowering you on your journey to improved health. I offer one-on-one treatments/coaching, workshops, and courses (live and online) focused on enhancing well-being.

Health is like a puzzle where all the pieces fit together. Our minds, bodies, and spirits are interconnected, forming different parts of this puzzle. That’s why I embarked on a journey of learning, taking courses in hypnotherapy, nutrition, Reiki, and Yoga, exploring these in places like Holland, Portugal, and India! I’m still on this learning adventure because life is like an ongoing school, and I absolutely love it. Each course, experience, and meeting new people keeps me excited to understand how everything connects.

Join me in exploring this fantastic journey we’re on. Together, we’ll discover the secrets to feeling good and understand how everything in our lives is connected.

I can’t wait to connect with you all at the Health Festival! I’ll be there providing Reiki treatments and nutritional consultations.

Let’s embrace a journey to holistic health and happiness together.

Instagram: @dutchessofdetox


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Health Therapies Algarve

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