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29 May: Unleash Healing and Growth: Family Constellations in the Algarve

  • Are you seeking deeper understanding in your relationships?
  • Do you carry burdens from past generations?
  • Are you on a path to holistic well-being?
family constellations
Margaret Krijnen

Discover the transformative power of Family Constellations with Margaret Krijnen, a seasoned practitioner based in the Algarve.

Margaret Krijnen is a practitioner and entrepreneur in the realm of health-related businesses.

Her journey into the field of family constellations began in 2005 through her pioneer friends Nell Parre and Karin Deden, website, who introduced family constellations in the Netherlands.

Driven by the profound personal experience of losing her son Lars, Margaret’s expertise spans both the practice of family constellations and the entrepreneurial aspects of health-related ventures.

As a practitioner, Margaret utilizes family constellations, a therapeutic method pioneered by Bert Hellinger in the 1980s, to delve into the intricate dynamics within family systems.

Grounded in group dynamics and scientific principles such as quantum entanglements and Morphic fields, family constellations offer insights into the underlying patterns and dynamics of relationships, facilitating healing and personal growth.

Simultaneously, Margaret channels her entrepreneurial spirit into launching and managing new health-related businesses.

Family constellations in Portugal

These ventures likely integrate a variety of events, modalities and services aimed at promoting holistic well-being, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health.

Margaret’s dual roles as a practitioner and entrepreneur reflect a commitment to holistic healing and personal development. Through her work, she provides individuals with opportunities to explore the science of relationships, heal from generational wounds, and embark on a journey towards overall wellness and fulfillment

What are family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a therapeutic method that unveils hidden dynamics within family systems. Developed by Bert Hellinger in the 1980s, it utilizes group work to explore these dynamics, leading to profound personal growth and healing.

Margaret Krijnen: Your Guide to Family Constellations in the Algarve

Margaret, driven by both personal experience and a passion for holistic healing, offers Family Constellation sessions in the Lagoa area.

Benefits of Family Constellations with Margaret

  • Uncover Underlying Patterns:Gain insights into the root causes of relationship issues and emotional burdens.
  • Heal Generational Wounds:Resolve past family conflicts that may be impacting your present life.
  • Empower Personal Growth:Embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional freedom.

What to Expect in a Family Constellations Session

Margaret’s sessions create a safe and supportive space for exploration. Through guided exercises and group interaction, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your family dynamics.

How effective is family constellation?

Analyses into clinical significance showed that the most reliable improvements occurred in relation to interpersonal quality of life and non-diagnosis-specific psychopathology, with approximately half of the participants showing reliable improvement.

Can you do family constellation by yourself?

With a family constellation in private session, we do our own constellation in 2 hours. The questioner comes alone. The facilitator ensures the presence of 6 representatives.

What are the rules of the Family Constellations?

Everyone belongs in a generational family system, dead, still born, aborted, or those who for whatever reason are excluded. And everyone has their own place in the order of the system. Who comes first? The first born child takes first place, then the second born, and so on.

How often can you do Family Constellations?

I would recommend that you wait at least a month before setting up another constellation. If you would like to deepen your process, it is recommended that you participate in as many workshops as you feel drawn to as an observer or a representative.

Upcoming Session

Join Margaret’s upcoming Family Constellations session on May 29th, from 19:00 to 22:00, in the Lagoa area. Limited spots available! Prijs: €27.50

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Unleash Healing and Growth: Family Constellations in the Algarve with Margaret Krijnen

Testimonials from satisfied clients

-Thank you Margaret for this special evening. This, together with the nice conversations, has done me a lot of good. I feel complete and everything comes together so beautifully.

-Thank you for yesterday. It was so special again.

-That was another special evening… It has had some consequences at home and still… everything has been touched…

-I found the family constellation very special. It has released a lot. I’m ready for a good conversation again.

-So many insights, so many pennies that dropped. And what then again led to special conversations.

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29 May 2024
19:00 - 22:00

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