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12 May-Healthy Walk to relieve stress and get pain-free

Get pain-free with Ineke

Ineke is an experienced massage therapist who is always looking for other ways to get people pain-free.

Last year she discovered a very unique method that everyone, young and old, can learn.
They are called the fascial maneuvers from the HUMAN GARAGE.

healthy walk

Relieve stress and calm your mind

We are doing these movements slowly to not trigger the muscles in the body.
You can do them standing, sitting or even lying down.

During these movements we are going to locate ourselves the areas with the highest tension within the fascia and proceed patiently. Instead of rushing, we wait for the fascia to release it’s tightness in one area befor moving to the next.

The goal is to address all angles around the areas where the fascia is pinned down.
We will purposefully pin and lock different areas of the body so other areas get a stretch. Then the breathing comes in. This is the key to release the fascia and it also equalizes the pressure in your body.

These movements not only relieve stress from your body, but also calm your mind.

You can experience this yourself during the Healthy Walk on May 12. Ineke will guide you and explain various exercises. Gather from 9:30 am on the beach of Alvor. See you then!

Date: 12 May
Time: 9.30-10.30
Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/68Qg8djye8rPD3E86
Price: €15
Buy your ticket: https://shotgun.live/events/healthy-walk-human-garage-with-ineke



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12 May 2024

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