March 17th, the XXL WINE YOGA HEALTH EVENT is not just about indulging in the perfect blend of wine and soothing yoga sessions. Oh no, it’s a appealing symphony of experiences, and right at the heart of it is the star – FOOD!

Brace yourselves for a culinary escapade, as four vibrant food trucks roll in to pamper your taste buds and nourish your soul with delightful treats and refreshing drinks.

These culinary wizards are not just here to feed your body; they’re here to elevate your entire event experience. Picture this: an array of delectable options, from wholesome salads to mouthwatering pies and quiches, and of course, the perfect sips to complement each flavor journey.

Prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure

So, when you’re not stretching into your favorite yoga pose or savoring the richness of a fine wine, let the aroma of irresistible dishes draw you in. The food trucks at the XXL WINE YOGA HEALTH EVENT are ready to transform your day into a flavorful journey. Get ready to treat yourself because at this event, we believe in nourishing not just the body but the soul too!

Let us introduce you to the XXL WINE YOGA HEALT EVENT food trucks

Foodtruck Cat– Middle Eastern vibe

My Name is Cat , since turning Vegan over 10 years ago, I have developed a passion for healthy plant based cooking. From markets to cafes, to catering to my food truck I have been serving delicious wholesome food to cater for everyone’s tastebuds💜

I am going to do bagels, falafel wraps, shawarmas and cauliflower wings For the drink is I’ll sell my home brew ginger kefir, I also can provide some healthy treats too.

Petit Marie

Jelle will prepare the following:

-Homade ginger beer
-Surinaamse broodjes kip kerrie
-Summer rolls
-Bao met pulled chicken


My name is Tânia and I am the owner of Restaurant Bancha in Portimão. Bancha is a vegan/macrobiotic restaurant.

We will make homemade, healthy dishes with local products:
– tofu sandwich on sourdough bread
– Quiches
– Focaccias
– Empadas
Diferent kind of pastries without refined sugares and some sourdough cakes. You can enjoy a cup of tea or a natural juice. We will also have gluten-free options.”

Mama Ester’s Foodtruck

It is with great excitement and a hint of nerves that I, Ester, along with my son Sally, embark on our adventure as food truck owners. We have turned our dream into reality and are ready to share our delicious dishes with you at the XXL Wine Yoga Event!

We will be serving our fresh fries, juicy pulled pork, crispy coleslaw, refreshing fruit salad, wraps and fingerfood.

Whether you come for the wine, the yoga, or just for the food, we promise you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

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